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    Walero FIA & SFI approved temperature regulating flame retardant race products are softer, more comfortable and more protective than most other base layers.

    Walero knows you need more and that’s why all of our next-to-skin base layers use the same technology developed for NASA, which helps to actively stabilise your temperature, no matter how much the heat is on (or off!).

    How does it do that? Well, simply by incorporating super-intelligent microcapsules into the yarn of the fabric.

    These microcapsules contain a ‘phase change material’ – PCM – that absorbs the heat energy above a certain temperature and gives it back to you below a certain temperature; helping to stabilise your body at 37 degrees and effectively reducing sweat production by up to 33%.

    This thermo-regulating technology means that no matter how intense the race conditions, you’ll never feel too hot or too cold.

    All this technology has been tried and tested by Outlast over the years since it was released and there are several research papers available to support the various claims. The US Olympic triathlon team even used it to improve their performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    …And it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also added Envirotex which is a nontoxic, hospital grade antimicrobial to our clothing that’s 99.999% effective against most common bacteria as well as many fungal spores and viruses, keeping you fresher for longer. Success has never smelled so sweet!

    Combine all of the above with a tailored, superior fit, flat-lock seams and super-soft fabric… It’s safe to say that Walero base layers are like no other

    Walero is committed to bringing you the most technologically-advanced range of thermo-regulating        base layers available, so that you can stay committed to what matters most to you – delivering your  best performance.