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    2022 Ginetta G55 Supercup Champion

    2022 Ginetta G55 Supercup Champion

    Blood sweat and beers


    I don’t know where to start. The definition of an emotional rollercoaster. 

    We were caught out in a slightly wet qualifying session. We tried to go onto the slick tyres when the track wasn’t dry enough and fundamentally qualified 3rd, which wasn’t disastrous, but we knew we had work to do in the coming races.


    The races on Saturday were reasonably uneventful. We lacked a little pace to really attack the lead two cars, meaning we had to go back to the drawing board overnight in terms of a set up on the car.

    One race to go on Sunday, everything on the line. Only a few points between myself and the second placed driver in the championship. Wolf Motorsport had set the car up beautifully and I was ready to do whatever it took to win the championship. 


    There was a big crash at the start and oil leaked onto one - and only one - grid stop. Yep, you guessed it - my grid spot! On the restart, I didn’t get the best launch and held onto my position, the pace was strong and I set about reeling in the lost space from the start. We were straight on the back of the top two and ready to pounce if needed. The safety car was then deployed and they announced a one lap dash to the finish
    (I was having Abu Dhabi Formula One 2021 last lap flashbacks).

    It was one of the most tense moments of my life, and I sure that tension echoed through my many supporters that were watching on the sidelines. But we pulled through… 

    Unbelievable, words can’t describe the feeling. Massive thank you to my second family and part-actual-family, Wolf Motorsport. They wanted this as much as I did, the work ethic and effort they put in has been unreal. 

    Also to my amazing partners who this has all been for. Alex Reade Motorsport, IPC, The Race Works, Automotive Repairs, Infinity Wax, Scalextric, Inaga and Rubix.

    I owe you all a beer (or two).

    We now look to 2023 and have some exciting plans in the pipeline. We are always looking for partners to join our team and become part of the racing family. Please feel free to get in touch with me to have a chat about any prospective plans.

    Watch this space...

    All the best 




    In one weekend, we went from a DNF, struggling a bit with pace and setup, to clawing our way from the back to take the win in the final race. It was a true testament to the whole team - and plain and simply - never giving up!

    On the warm up lap of the first race of the weekend, the driveshaft snapped and I had to pull off immediately. I wasn't able to join the grid and start the race, and myself and the whole team were gutted. Motorsport is so unpredictable, which is why we love and hate it at the same time.
    The guys in the team did an amazing job to get the car repaired in the very short time before the second race in just a few hours.

    Next up, was a rerun from the cancelled race at Thruxton, during which we unfortunately didn’t have the tyres to compete with the front of the pack and held on to take a lonely 3rd place. At this point, we knew full well we were in for a hard two races on Sunday. 


    Race three Sunday morning, starting dead last, I knew if we still wanted a chance to win the championship we had to do something about it. I got a great launch off the line and, not holding anything back for the first half of the race, we clawed our way up into second place. The lead car was too far down the road to do anything about, but we held onto P2, albeit struggling a bit with pace and set up, for the remaining laps. 

    In race four, I knew I had to go on full attack straight away if I were to have any chance of a win. I got a great start and went side-by-side with the category leader through turn one. Slotting in behind him on the run down into turn two, I made a move to go up the inside. He defended, parking his car on the inside line. I darted out from behind him and braked as late as I could into turn two and held it around the outside. We went down the next straight side-by-side. Luckily, I had the inside for the next corner and I swiftly closed the door. For the remaining 20 mins I held onto the lead by the smallest margin, holding off 4 cars. It was one of the best feelings to take the win live on ITV4. Honestly, I was over the moon with the result and the whole team.


    The season finale is in two weeks at the legendary Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. The championship will go down to the wire, it's going to be exciting!

    Massive thanks to my amazing partners - IPC - The Race Works - Automotive Repairs - Infinity Wax - Scalextric - Alex Reade Motorsport and Rubix Creative

    See you there




    Back to winning ways.


    A great trip to the most southern race on the calendar in Andover. 


    Qualifying early Saturday was a great chance to signal our intent for the weekend, Thruxton is renowned for being hard on tyres meaning you only have 1 lap at the peak of the tyre performance. A real challenge, but I love the pressure that brings. I warmed the tyres up and then went for a big lap, the tyres definitely were not in the window and I understeered off the circuit in turn one. I aborted the rest of the lap and went for a second lap. The lap was risky but paid off, we claimed our second pole of the season. 

    This weekend the faster G56 cars didn’t really escape like they had in previous rounds and we had to deal with racing them as well as our own class of car. 

    In race one, we made a great start and held off the challenge from behind. About halfway through the race, I caught up with the one of the G56 cars and they started defending, allowing one of our direct competitors to slip through. We went on to finish the race like this, I knew we had the pace to get in front in race two but was unsure how the faster G56s would affect our race.


    In race two, we made a great start, taking the lead into turn two. The race was red flagged after 3 laps, resulting in a cancelled race. I would like to take a moment to send my best wishes to Colin White & Mike Brown, who were involved in a horrific crash. If there is one corner you don’t want to have an accident on, it is Church at Thruxton. It is a flat-out, 6th gear kink taken at about 200kph and not for the faint hearted. I hope to see the guys soon. It is a small reminder of the danger in motorsport and how great the circuit medical team and marshals really are.

    Race three, after re-focusing on the job in hand, we still had one race to run. Live on ITV4, again we made a great start and didn’t look back. The Wolf Motorsport team set the car up impeccably and I could manage the gap to the cars behind. We went on to record our 7th victory of the season in style. I can’t thank everyone who came on board to get us here enough. Automotive Repair, Infinity Wax, Scalextric and the Race Works as well as IPC & Alex Reade Motorsport - that was for you! 


    With two meetings of the championship left, we can’t take our foot off the gas. Let’s keep the pressure on and go for the big prize. We are still looking for partners to get us to the end of the year, if you are interested in becoming part of our amazing team please drop me a line.





    A weekend full of emotion, the true highs and lows of the sport we love. 

    Saturday morning qualifying was at 10:30am and was already almost 30 degrees. We secured our first pole of the year in true style, only completing 2 flying laps and pitting with over half the session still to go. After the nervous wait we claimed our first pole position by almost a second! 


    Race one, now about 33 degrees. A great start saw us lead away, with the pursuing pack just over a second behind. With two laps to go, the driver behind made a silly move and t-boned us at the end of the back straight, resulting in a broken rear wishbone. I tried to carry on to salvage some points from the race and the car felt okay at first, so I continued. Unfortunately, a few corners later, the car snapped and I made heavy contact with a tyre barrier. I was so disappointed with how the day had flipped on its head.

    At this point I believed the weekend to be over, there was far too much damage front and rear to be out for race two Sunday morning. Honestly I have never been so impressed with our little team, the boys and girls worked flat out through the night to get the car back in a drivable state. I would also like to thank the Ginetta paddock, many of the other teams came together to help, lending us parts for the car we either couldn’t afford or were not able to get our hands on.

    An hour before race two, the Ginetta was back together, all be it looking slightly different with a different teams’ front nose. I owe a lot of people many beers after that shift and feel very humbled.

    Race two starting right at the back, we had a great start passing 5 cars on the opening lap. After a hard fought battle, we managed to claw ourselves into 3rd place with a lap to go. This felt like a victory for myself and the whole team! We were honestly buzzing after that. 


    Race three live on ITV4 saw a 5-way fight for the lead for the majority of the race, it was great to be involved in. We finished a fantastic 2nd place, again it felt epic. The car wasn’t in her prime bless her after I showed her the wall on Saturday, so to come back fighting and grab two podium finishes to conclude a trying weekend felt brilliant.

    So many positives to take, we are just over the half way mark of the season. We have taken it to the big teams in the paddock and have plenty more to give. Unfortunately the damage sustained on Saturday has set us back financially and as it stands, we are not going to be able to make Thruxton in two weeks. This is a big blow for not only myself, but the whole team who have given blood sweat and tears to get us here. We are leading the championship and would like to keep it that way! 


    I would appreciate anyone who can help In anyway. There is a lot we can offer and I would happily meet up and chat through any potential partnerships.


    Fingers crossed we make it to Thruxton, massive thanks to everyone that has helped get us to the stage we are now.





    Hat-trick in Scotland


    If Carlsburg made weekends, that would have been very close!

    The weekend actually didn’t start off on the best foot, with a series of events on the journey to Scotland resulting in a 23hr trip. Regardless the team got the car and all the equipment to the track by Thursday eve.

    We got our teeth stuck in on Friday practice finishing 4th in FP1 then finding some pace to finish 2nd in FP2.

    The weather in Scotland was as unpredictable as ever with big clouds looming over as we headed out to qualify. Fortunately the session stayed dry and in another extremely tight qualifying session with the top 6 within a few tenths of a second we finished P2.

    Race one a great start saw us three abreast for the lead going into turn one, I fortunately squeezed ahead of the pursuing drivers and got into the lead of the race. It was a hard fought race with second place no less than half a second behind for the majority. Coming home to record a win was all I could of hoped for and a great start to the weekend.


    Race two was a similar story to race one, this time we pulled out a slight gap from the pursuing cars, enough to not have to defend into the hairpin. Unfortunately the race ended prematurely behind the safety car, without a restart we had done enough to secure the win!


    The all important race 3 live on ITV4, one of the most hard fought races I have been involved in. The second place car was clearly faster and we took part in a duel for 20mins with a little contact here and there. We were carrying the live ITV camera onboard and the footage of the wheel to wheel action I have been told was great. We came home to take a nail biting 3rd win of the weekend and 5th win In a row in the Ginetta SuperCup championship. 

    Wolf Motorsport again has done an outstanding job, the car is flawless. I can’t wait to get going again. There is hardly any rest between Snetterton in a fortnights time, let’s keep this pressure up and go for gold again!


    I really appreciate everyones support and it was so great to interact with the crowds in Scotland, always a highlight on the calendar.


    We are still looking for partners to come onboard with us on this amazing journey we are on, drop me a line if you wish to chat further. Plans are starting to form for 2023 and they are exciting to say the least!